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Getting tired of your old boring desktop?

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Editor’s Opinion

ScreenSplitter Diashow – powerful, effective and intuitive tool that allows users to create desktop slideshows from image folders. Easy to customize with a cool selection of transition effects.

Editor`s Description

Getting tired of your old boring desktop ? Want to have your collection of images displayed in a neat way on your screen ? What you need is ScreenSplitter Diashow.

What is ScreenSplitter Diashow ?

ScreenSplitter Diashow is a cool application that allows users to make the best out of their desktop environment; with this tool you will be able to create slideshows from your favorite images complete with transition effects and much more. Using a user friendly, robust and intuitive interface, ScreenSplitter Diashow will help you get started in no time at all.

Start off by selecting the folder containing images. The application can lookup images recursively in subfolders also. Specify the display time per photo using the slider (1-60 sec), speed of screen splits. While your slideshow is running you can have the file name displayed in one or more positions on the screen and with a given font family and size.

Use the preview button to select effects as well as their associated duration. Images’ display order can be randomized. Select an image that kicks off your slideshow along with a custom logo with custom scaling, position and opacity settings. Press the Start button, sit back and enjoy your images in a whole new way.

ScreenSplitter Diashow supports multiple monitors, can display or hide the mouse cursor while running.

The application requires very little in terms of hardware and is compatible with Windows Xp, Vista and 7 systems.

ScreenSplitter Diashow VIDEO TRAILER

For more information, please watch the movie that contains installation and complete features demo